Ask Floof Cat


He just loves taking up as much space as possible.

I have every right to - you weren’t using it at the time.

Do I HAVE to perform?

I’m waiting… give me my treats.

I wonder if the Club Nintendo outage is all due to folks trying to get their free game for registering Mario Kart 8…

I wouldn’t be surprised if the problem is caused by folks trying to trick the server into giving them codes for all four games, or multiple codes, or into giving them codes even if they didn’t buy MK8.

Strange how they say “a $39.99 value” when all four games are more expensive than that, with Pikmin 3 still at $59.99 in the eShop. If they were all at the same price point, I’d be tempted to snag the Zelda title first. As it is, I’ll be grabbing Pikmin once the store is back in order.

The scratcher. Also, comparison - left, iPad 2 camera, right, iPad Air camera.

This scratcher is acceptable.

Ok, I’m up now.


Okay, enough with the Vine posts. Can’t you see I’m grooming?

Just wandering.